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  • we also put some commercial trade, international trade Business,Easy installation WPC pergola opened up online sales, especially the online sales platform for wallpaper, the manufacturing industry to better extend part of the service industry. Sina home: we actually formed the floor, wallpaper, financial investment, international trade, business operations, the five Plate of the group company. The third venture to 2020, then by 2020 when your goal is what?[url=]outdoor vinyl flooring sale[/url] Zhang Enjiu: Jiuxheng career development, I think that in addition to the manufacturing industry in the real economy, but also the development of trade services, financial services, so for the whole development is relatively sound. Three entrepreneurship 5 years to develop successor Zhang Enjiu, 28 years, three times the journey of entrepreneurship,

    the road farther and farther, more and more wide, and decided to within five years to give his son Zhang Kai care. Zhang Enjiu Zhang Kai's request is to inherit and innovation, heritage is the steady development of the existing industry. Sina home: from a simple floor manufacturing and sales enterprises,Cheap durable WPC pergola material into a diversified business groups, which is the third goal of entrepreneurship, in your entire 30 years of entrepreneurship process, you think the greatest happiness is what, To which challenges, is how to walk through these difficulties? Zhang Enjiu: This is nearly 30 years of entrepreneurial process, for myself, the first is to create a lot of wealth economy, we have six factories,[url=]wood plastic composite price per square meter[/url] formed a large-scale industrial park, from every inch of land auction,

    the entire plant Construction, coupled with the team building, the process of entrepreneurship for me is a good temper. From the creation of wealth,cheap exterior wall panels but also a measure of the success of a standard. In addition to this, we come out from the countryside, graduated from high school into the community, step by step came through a lot of difficult and tortuous road, the spirit of arduous pioneering, temper our will, which is the biggest harvest, there is great A sense of accomplishment. Especially after several transformation and upgrading process,[url=]privacy fences wood or plastic[/url] each transformation and upgrading process is the sensitivity of the market test, we can survive in this social economy, become a leader, especially to become our industry leader, I think this is the greatest happiness.