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  • refurbished to use. Solid wood flooring in the renovation process need to pay attention to a few matters, small series will be introduced below. Experts suggest that a lot of wood flooring looks very old after many years of use, many people may want to remove the floor floor. From an economic point of view, this is not a fair decision. Because wooden floor surface is worn and the wood is still good wood, especially in use for many years, wood flooring has become very messy, but new wood floor in this area than the

    old floor, renovation only polish surface 1 to 2 mm of the floor, the floor is much cheaper than buying new. First, solid wood floor renovation steps 1, before the renovation of the old floor should ensure the cleanliness of the house, out of the house all items. 2, the use of large floor renovation machinery several times to remove the paint layer, the surface layer, the wood layer of about 1-2 mm, and then carefully polished sand to make the surface of the floor is delicate, smooth to a new state. Use the small angle

    grinder to polish the floor to achieve the overall smoothing effect. 3, then Guanizi, coloring, painting, waxing and polishing. We should pay special attention to the general steps of paint, brush again primer, paint the two time, met the floor surface flaws of the need to brush a few times primer. 4, water sandpaper carefully grinding, grinding the surface layer to slightly rough, remove the powder. 5, according to the above procedure brush three to four times the last time will not finish grinding. 6, to finally finish once

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