comprehensive utilization of technology

  • Low-grade bauxite comprehensive utilization of technology to achieve a breakthrough In the low-grade, refractory smelting aluminum comprehensive utilization of research results and projectwaterproof wood flooring tiles construction conditions, as well as site visits to the proposed site, through extensive and enthusiastic discussion, the expert group that Gui low grade, difficult to rule iron It is of great strategic significance to promote the development of domestic resources and promote the development of local economic and social development.

    The content of alumina and iron in low grade and iron-aluminum co-mineral ore in Guihong is low, Development raw material for composite boards and utilization of high cost, only the comprehensive use of valuable; Chinalco and Northeastern University joint research, master the core technology has applied for a patent for invention, the invention patented technology is advanced, economically feasible, is the world's first; The construction conditions of the mining area, transportation, water supply and power supply are better.

    Experts suggest that the current low-grade, iron-aluminum co-mineral geological exploration work only reached the level of census, in order to meet the needs of industrial monarch composite decking class action lawsuit development and utilization, the proposed Geological Exploration Department of Guangxi joint aluminum companies to carry out detailed investigation and exploration, as soon as possible to start the project Work in view of Guizhong iron and aluminum symbiosis with a wide distribution, low grade, difficult to rule and other characteristics, comprehensive utilization of complex technology, it is recommended in the Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust construction of circular economy in Guigang demonstration project.