Control System of Asphalt Concrete Mixing Equipment

  • Independent design of the data acquisition and processing system: Asphalt concrete mixing equipment, a complete set of complete control system, control the weighing system in the weighing device into the required weight of the material, then the sensor internal resistance strain gauge deformation, collected to the Weight signal, and then input to the independent design of the data acquisition and processing system, in the field terminal CPU control of these data under the wave filter, AD conversion and other signal processing, incoming field terminal storage device for future remote monitoring data reference. Field terminal: the core of the monitoring system, located in the asphalt concrete mixing equipment running the scene, on the one hand and the PC connected to the original system to obtain the original system of data, on the one hand with the independent design of the data acquisition and processing system connected to the independent collection of weight signal. In addition, the field terminal contains the GPRS module connected with the CPU controller through the serial communication. The GPRS module is connected with the GPRS network under the control of the CPU, and then connected to the Internet network, which can be connected with the remote control center. Remote monitoring center: another core of the system, running remote monitoring procedures, play the role of the system server. double drum roller practical concrete vibrator battery development strategy deicing salt spreaders asphalt pavement maintenance nicholasville