Site monitoring and remote monitoring of the main equipment and

  • Sensors: located in the work of asphalt concrete mixing equipment Now, for a number of sensors composed of a series of sensors, distributed in the aggregate, powder and asphalt weighing device, measuring a variety of signals (usually strain load cell). Data acquisition center: the original data acquisition system, connected with the sensor and PLC, the sensor to collect the data, the data filtering, AD conversion and other signal processing, the sensor will be converted to analog signals can be processed PLC can handle digital signals , Sent to the PLC. PLC: equipment operation control of the next machine, the asphalt concrete mixing equipment, the measurement system for automatic control, connected to the site of the host computer. Asphalt mixing station PC: the host computer of the control system of the equipment, the functions required for the asphalt concrete mixing equipment such as recipe management, parameter setting, job setting, data processing and production data statistics, and the function of the system Terminal connection, run the site monitoring program, the original transmission to the printer to print the original weight data into the field terminal for the system to use. saw cuts in concrete ground equipment at asphalt street pavement machinery for highway construction access road construction details