the floor of the transaction process

  • trends: 1. The source of raw materials, wood science requirements are increasingly reduced, The use and dependence of fast-growing materials will be higher and higher; 2. Processing technology, science and technology and aesthetic content is getting higher and more and more; 3. Product performance, more and more people-oriented, more and more attention Environmental and human survival; 4. Flooring marketing more

    and more specialized and industry segmentation, marketing, scientific and technological content and aesthetic content more and more, more and more demanding; 5. Brand integrity requirements more and more High and honest is not only reflected in the floor of the transaction process, but also reflected in the floor from product design to after-sales service of the whole process; 6. Wood culture into the floor of the marketing field, the

    relationship between the floor and the more and more become the theme of marketing; 7. Consumption mentality and consumption ecology tend to be consistent, the floor consumption is becoming more and more rational; 8. In the practical value of the floor, environmental considerations are more and more; 9. In the aesthetic value of the floor, the identity of the culture More and more ingredients.Ruijia flooring to explore the

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