Wood plastic - miss the house that will breathe

  • With the development of science and technology, the current wood-plastic market has become the degree of competition to enter the investment market, after the development trend of wood after the military should be the direction of development.

    1, barracks facilities: wood-plastic composite materials with good thermal insulation performance, which is to improve the quality of barracks and residential comfort is very valuable, can be made of floor, hanging board, roof, skylights, wall panels, Doors, treads, railings, handrails, foot panels, doors and windows profiles, furniture, fences, fences, platforms, boards, platforms and so on. In addition, wood-plastic composite materials and cement steel compared to light weight, easy to install, with its manufacture of mobile guard booth is particularly appropriate.

    2, military packaging: At present, China's military packaging is still dominated by wooden boxes, not only consume a lot of wood each year, and wood packaging performance is very limited, such as low strength, easy moldy, easy to eat, The Therefore, the research performance is more superior new packaging materials and packaging structure is extremely important. China has made some attempts in this regard, put forward a new way of splicing, structural design and structural components from the two aspects to ensure that the wood plastic box sealing and the overall strength.

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