material is planted

  • High-end material is planted indifferently, low end material is planted in very get hurt,Of charge of this sea land transportation rise, what get hurt most is extremely sensitive to the price cork agency undoubtedly. According to corky major the Chen Zong of industry of timber of the blessing in the distributor is mirrorred, corky value is low, gain is meager, because this gets more easily also the influence of element of outside many sided, this sea land transportation expends go up raise to cork market it may be said is disastrous concussion.

    Marine crate transport costs rose 30, 70 yuan / stere, the carriage cost that at the same time steam carries is more original also raised the cost of about 30% . Add up corky whole cost rose in all about 80 yuan / stere, such rising extent to cork this kind of every stere has 2000 to come only for a Qian Zun's right lumber, no matter be middle reaches agency, still purchase business downstream, accept hard.

    To it contrary is, high-end material is planted respect, the businessman is behaved relatively indifferently. The businessman is mirrorred to the reporter, high-end material is planted the price of the annatto such as big fruit rosewood is high, the businessman's profit is opposite also taller, a few to 89 come of every stere go up a taller to the price lumber for, affect and very won't big, of course profit can be compressed on certain level.

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