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  • mm x 150 mm x 15 mm and 800 mm x 20 mm x 15 mm. 3, to strengthen the wooden floor of this kind of floor for imported products, is made of medium and high density fiberboard substrate and three oxidation of aluminum coating layer of the composite floor of two. The specification of this floor is more uniform, generally 1200 mm x 90 mm x 8 mm, also has a thickness of 7 mm product. The use of such a wide range of floor, many varieties, but also with a hard texture, non deformation, fire, wear, dimensionalMulti

    layer solid wood flooring is a multi staggered processing of the floor, it has what brand, what is the purchase skills? Xiaobian to introduce you to the house. A multi-layer solid wood flooring ten brands ranked multi-layer solid wood flooring ten brand ranking: 1, power Dekor Group Co. Ltd, the ten floor flooring brands, ten brands, 500 Asian brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, China brand, Chinese 500 most valuable brand, the leading brand flooring industry, the most Chinese with visibility, reputation and

    loyalty of the Home Furnishing brand building materials, is committed to production all kinds of floor Yu Yanfa. Multilayer solid wood flooring ten brands ranked 2, Baroque living home wood (Zhongshan) Co. Ltd., multi-layer solid wood flooring ten brands, China well-known (famous) wood flooring brand, the 500 most valuable brands, Guangdong famous brand, one of the most influential brands China, China Building Decoration Association, one of the largest China antique flooring production enterprises.

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