a polymer cement waterproof coating

  • Polymer cement waterproof coating on the overall and other waterproof coating application is not too different, mainly for the base surface has a better ability to adapt. Polymer cement waterproof coating at construction time. There is no requirement Evergrain Envision Pricing for the degree of drying of the surface of the self-adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane, no clear water can be, and other polymer waterproof coating a boat are required to dry the base surface, and this is very important in the construction application of.

    Under normal circumstances, the basic situation of the construction site is difficult to achieve Sea Deck Flooring Belgium the ideal state of construction, the construction of the base surface is generally concrete or mortar, the new base surface - like a high water jelly, alkalinity is also great, so these cases The actual film coating has a great impact.

    In order to achieve the desired effect of construction. Construction or increase the cost of base treatment. Or need to wait for the new base surface moisture content reduction after Attaching Deck Post for Composite the construction, which is bound to delay the duration, and ultimately affect the construction costs.

    Polymer cement waterproof coating because of its own cement, so the base surface even with a high alkalinity, does not affect its film, when the construction site base wet, the polymer cement waterproof coating can also use cement and water Hydration reaction to eliminate the adverse effects of high surface moisture content. Simultaneously. As the cement into the waterproof coating composition, so the polymer cement waterproof coating has a good temperature difference Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust deformation properties, that is, the temperature changes, the deformation of the coating is also very small, so as to avoid the waterproof layer itself shrink Deformation caused by stress damage.