Carry out road filling operations

  • In recent years, with the asphalt concrete increasing, in the past due to the use of traditional maintenance technology, to fill the technology, cost increases, the road after the excavation of the road life cycle is short, while affecting the beautiful road, clean and smooth road,foot compactor sales market more likely to affect The use of asphalt pavement is ordered to repair the long road duration, the safety of vehicles passing on the road affected by the long-term use of traditional construction technology, not suited to economic development, due to overloaded vehicles increased, the traffic increased Short road road ulceration.

    The equipment produced by the road maintenance technology Co., Ltd. is composed of slotting machine, blowing machine, filling machine, hot air spray gun, warning light and so on. The construction technology of cutting, grouting, dehumidifying and filling slit One, both to speed up the processing of cracks, but also to ensure the safety of traffic. The biggest advantage of this technology is to save raw materials, to extend the use of the road was ordered,concrete roads vs asphalt roads is a new environmentally friendly energy-saving ecological new technology and new technology; slotted tool structure of the special design and reasonable choice of tool material, Along the curve to track the slot, slot depth and width can be adjusted according to the size of the crack, both to save the material and ensure the quality of the filling water sealing.

    The company has developed the road filling material sealant with sealing effect is good, the construction period of short impact on the traffic is not, the crack sealing water treatment,forced asphalt mixing plants can reduce the cost of conservation, improve the good rate, does not affect the beautiful and smooth road Degree, in order to extend the service life of asphalt pavement provides a very good technical support.