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  • middle layer is three layers of wood floors Juegan, in general should be more than 7.5 mm, if it reaches 9 mm, as will be more comfortable, but not too thick. The thickness of the board table three layer wood floor service life, the surface is thicker, wear longer, usually 3.5 mm or more, so as to increase the comfort of the foot, can also make the floor updated several times, and a new. The surface of the film by UV matt paint, shedding phenomenon does not produce similar PV paint, household use without waxing

    maintenance, the use of ten years do not paint. 4 show the natural color of the three floors of the unique natural texture, texture and color to meet the people return to the natural psychology. Wood color, wood surface and scarring, stereo feeling, let whole space in Home Furnishing aura have played most incisive. By manually knocked out imitate the old feeling, exudes a kind of nostalgic classical beauty, the new decoration end in Home Furnishing and not take on an altogether new aspect, a strange feeling, make

    the room more comfortable, uneven surface wave feel, highlighting the floor texture effect and stereo visual sense, a large area of the pavement after the room highlight the atmosphere without losing the nostalgia. Let the noble style, artistic charm and the simplicity of nature into one, while emitting a charming fragrance. 5 kinds of enchanting charm of various kinds of wood material selection so that the home is full of forest atmosphere, people feel the natural real feelings. Plate size diversity, so that people at

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