domestic production process

  • just formed a floor development Momentum,Recyclable modern WPC pergola there is a concept of distribution center, so to follow the development of this industry, to follow the regional block of the economy, but also an advantage to enter the flooring industry. After the first venture after the stage, always want to do a processing in the domestic production process is relatively deep,[url=]fire resistant wood paneling[/url] to do some value added, to do a channel, a brand of goods. Sina home: Jusheng floor from 2000 to now there are 14 years of history, the 14-year long Sheng floor development can be divided into several stages? Zhang Enjiu: from 2000 to 2011, during my life and entrepreneurship stage is the second stage of entrepreneurship,

    that is, during the ten years of the long Sheng floor, in the entire scale of production capacity, domestic channels, market influence, brand shape laid Good foundation,wood plastic composite products cambodia this decade is mainly in the flooring industry which set up a brand. From the beginning of 2011 to 2020 this decade, known as the third stage of entrepreneurship, as the entire business planning stage, now we are in the third stage of entrepreneurship. Sina home: the second venture stage is well understood,[url=]plastic tongue and groove decking boards[/url] this decade laid a long Sheng in the field of flooring brand status, the original said Nanxun is the floor of the capital, but can really adhere to ten years,

    so that the size of the brand has been Not much, and long Sheng became Nanxun leading enterprises, and even in the whole industry, long Sheng has entered the leading enterprises.outdoor decking tiles canada Then the second venture, Jiusheng ten years in the process of what made a breakthrough? Zhang Enjiu: From the second stage of entrepreneurship, that is, into the floor after the start of the stage, we have achieved great results. First, the scale of the entire production capacity has been a large development above, from a little bit to the Chinese wood flooring capital Nanxun this land above, we have a modern industrial park, covering 500 acres,[url=]outdoor wood flooring for front porch pricing[/url] the entire production capacity has been very Big development. Second, in the product above, solid wood flooring from the beginning to do the Chinese leader,