Five Measures to Strengthen the Maintenance and Management of W

  • February 7 to 8, in accordance with the provincial party committee and government "no session" of the deployment requirements, the Guizhou Provincial Department of Transportation Party Committee members, deputy director Liu Yang led the Department of Construction, Provincial Highway Bureau and other people in charge, Shiqian County, Sinan County, the investigation of ordinary provinces and rural roads, "the establishment of integrated",Anti Ageing type command display system and organized a forum to help grassroots first-line advice, to crack the development problems, do everything possible to achieve the first quarter "open the door" for the successful completion of Year goal to lay the foundation.

    February 7, Liu Yang and his entourage, braved the rain and rain field to see the Shiqian County five to Pingshan county road, five virtues Red River Village Road, G211 Shiqian to the town to upgrade, S305 thinking Nanxian Tangtou to Yamaguchi Highway and other "build integration" construction project. He asked the city and county transport departments to quickly leave the holiday to "start is the decisive battle, starting is the sprint" of the mental state,road and pavement slot repair urging the construction team to return to work, to ensure quality and safety under the premise of striving to complete more Good physical engineering, to ensure that the realization of 2017 "good start". In the construction process, we should pay attention to ecological and environmental protection, adhere to the development and ecological two bottom line, so that the minimum damage, the maximum protection, every road to create a landscape road. In the design standards, we must adhere to local conditions,Diesel Engines Road Milling Machine attach great importance to linear selection, curve optimization, slope control, drainage facilities and other key links, properly handle the technical standards and limited funds to ensure that the funds to maximize the benefits. In terms of labor and employment, we must adhere to the organic combination of precision poverty alleviation, as far as possible with the local migrant workers to speed up the process of getting rid of poverty to achieve one person employment, the family out of poverty.

    On the morning of February 8, the research group listened carefully to the Tongren City, the county transportation department and the construction unit to pay the two bureaus, the fourteen in the water and highway on the rural road and the general province trunk road "build integration" work to promote After the report, respectively, the exchange of research opinions. Liu Yang pointed out that the province over the past year, the province's transport system to adapt to the new economic development of the new normal, more difficult than expected, the results better than expected, the completion of highway water transport investment 150 billion yuan, the total investment ranked first in the country,Ice Breaking Machine Parts Prices In the forefront of the country, the results are not easy. The new year, to complete the target of 165 billion yuan task is arduous. To seize the goal of unsettling, a profound understanding of the current development of the new situation facing the new situation and new problems, seize the "three five" traffic development of the golden age, conscientiously implement the spirit of the province's transportation conference, momentum and, Struggling to write a new chapter in traffic development. We should comprehensively promote the integration of general roads, "build up and integrate", make good use of "Guizhou experience", further unify our thinking, implement our responsibilities, earnestly execute the contract, do a good job in the preliminary work, speed up the progress of land acquisition and demolition, strengthen effective communication docking, Construction of funds, strict supervision of the project funds, and more initiatives to form a large and dry on the construction of the scene.