Wood - plastic coextrusion demand heating industry upgrade

  • (1) Ecological buildings are also called eco-friendly buildings and sustainable buildings. Ecological building involves a wide area, is a multi-disciplinary, multi-type cross, is a comprehensive systems engineering. (2) the so-called ecological building, is based on the local natural ecological environment, the use of ecology, the basic principles of building technology and modern scientific and technological means, reasonable arrangements and the relationship between architecture and other related factors, so that architecture and the environment And has a good indoor climate conditions and strong ability to adjust the biological climate to meet the people living in comfortable living environment, people, buildings and the natural ecological environment between the formation of a virtuous circle system.

    (3) ecological building should deal with the relationship between people, architecture and nature, it is necessary for people to create a comfortable small space environment (that is, healthy and pleasant temperature, humidity, clean air, good light environment, acoustic environment And a flexible and open space with long-term effects and so on). At the same time, we must protect the surrounding environment-the natural environment (ie, less demand from the natural world and less negative impact on the natural environment).

    (4) Taking the architectural design as the focal point, the ecological buildings mainly use renewable energy such as solar energy, pay attention to natural ventilation, natural light and shade, adopt a variety of greening ways to improve the microclimate, Light structures, water recycling, waste separation, treatment, and full utilization of construction waste.

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