floor location deviation

  • The shape of the floor location deviation - best outfit from sewing balcony deck of corrosion resistant , best of height difference and warp degrees. Three, the choice of the floor color, to bring real wood floor is natural material, have off color is normal. Through artificial selection adjustment, can make its transitional nature, beautiful decks railing calcul for sale , lively and energetic.

    For the material of off color is relatively small, not hierarchical, laid the direct adjustment. 2. For larger material color, can be divided into two categories, deep and shallow fabrication of wooden plastic decks . Different shades, respectively in a different area or depth and laid;

    In the same color of the floor installation, in principle, also want to cut the string plate diameter and cutting board and laid. Four, keel laying requirements 1 composite wood pavilion in India . According to the length of the floor, to determine the keel spacing; Keel spacing should not be too big.