exhibited already

  • This year is exhibited already can invite association of trade of timber of 5 continent each country, each lumber to produce the country abroad exhibit a group to come China ginseng is exhibited and the organization purchases business scene attending the meeting to negotiate, company of estate of timber of mainstream of domestic much home will be in exhibit agency of constituent whole nation conducts activity of brand promotion, sale during the meeting.

    Current exhibit meeting accumulating to amount to 46000 ´┐ŻO, about 2400 standards are exhibited, ginseng exhibit manufacturer 463, countrywide man-made board bibcock enterprise 80% participated in current exhibit meeting, ginseng exhibit business to come from Heibei, the each timber industry such as Zhejiang, Guangdong is saved greatly.

    Current exhibit the meeting is separate plan especially association of industry of Chinese forest products 2016 year high-quality goods man-made board sets an example exhibit an area, this communicates have the aid of platform, revealed China successfully to friend of international timber industry the window of man-made board and wonderful. Current exhibit can sign up major of visiting international timber industry buys a more than 1500 people.

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