furniture flagship store

  • On October 22, v/arc be on the throne at Beijing north of 4 annulus inferior brace up furniture flagship store, the salesperson tells a reporter, to finish the formalities before hanging out one's shingle, the company is before 3 two months already the data employee collect is over undertake appearing in the newspaper.

    The reporter also is dialed for many times inferior brace up the phone of branch of furniture media butt joint, before hoping unship sends batch of Wen Zhi, inferior brace up furniture did what work, but this phone unmanned all the time receive listen. Inferior brace up when can furniture take batch of article and hang out his shingle, financing is successful, on the knees of the gods, but basis inferior brace up the manual of raise capital by floating shares of furniture, after the company appears on the market, still be faced with inventory tall look forward to, profit to glide wait for a risk.

    brace up the manual of raise capital by floating shares of furniture shows, 2012 end, 2013 end, end was mixed 2014 in June 2015 end, inferior brace up the net specified number of goods in stock of furniture is one hundred and fifty-four million and sixty-one thousand seven hundred yuan respectively, one hundred and fifty-two million one hundred and two thousand eight hundred yuan, one hundred and ninety-one million eight hundred and eighty-two thousand six hundred yuan mix two hundred and forteen million four hundred and nine thousand nine hundred yuan,

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