flooring five advantages

  • the price of 200 yuan / square meters, so the family decoration wood floor to do the budget, economic conditions do not allow the budget more nervous family to consider. Four disadvantages of solid wood flooring: wood to burn things we all know is easy to burn, there are security risks in the combustion air dry, high temperature environment, if long time by heating and baking possible combustion phenomena, it is detrimental to the safety of Home Furnishing. No matter from the environmental wood floor or other

    aspects are relatively good, a little trouble is the installation and maintenance of solid wood flooring, if you really love, then why not a little trouble. But the floor decoration is not like ordinary household goods want to change on the choice, or to choose according to their preferences and economic aspects to consider.Home decoration, wood with more, such as doors and windows, floor, wardrobe, cabinets, etc.. In the market, all kinds of wood materials, furniture, flooring, different wood, the price is not the

    same. As consumers, but can not tell what the material of the wood floor is good, small series in this paper under the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of 25 solid wood materials for your reference. Gem 1 mulberry mulberry mulberry: commonly known as gems often feed. Mainly in the northern part of South america. Wood Matt; no special odor; texture straight; fine structure. Very precious imported wood, because of its color like the red "blood", also known as a English blood wood "bloodwood".

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