Build the only floor long-term

  • and went to talk with Mr. Zhao Jingli, Sichuan Branch, and cordially condoned the frontline marketing staff to understand the operation of the store. Then, North Gate Fusen ? US home market, and with the Sichuan branch of all staff lunch lunch. Zhu's last appearance in Sichuan is in December 26,

    2008 to participate in the "Sichuan earthquake disaster area permanent housing" press conference, Jiangsu Saili Wood as the only special sponsor of the event, Saili become Shanghai Nile Build the only floor long-term supplier of eco-type housing construction. After three years, Zhu Dong re-visit Chengdu,

    in addition to the Chengdu flooring market, the most important thing is to understand the current operation of the Sichuan branch, to solve their work encountered such as store building, team training, channel marketing Aspects of the actual difficulties, from top to bottom as one,

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