Case introduced the new G series wheel loader 7 models intuitiv

  • Case Engineering Machinery Introduces the new G-Series wheel loaders, which include seven new models for a wide range of applications ranging from supply fields, construction and agricultural applications to quarries and large area excavations. The new product line meets the Tier 4 Final standard and uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) engine technology to improve fuel efficiency,used milling machine craigslist reduce exhaust temperature and avoid regeneration or lifetime diesel particulate filter (DPF) The required cost / maintenance work.

    With the new operating environment, control devices and interfaces, the G Series has become the most intuitive wheel loader ever used by Case, and has a wide range of optimized packages / options to choose from. G series wheel loaders are suitable for garbage / waste cleaning, agricultural applications and snow removal and other special purposes. Excellent power / output and maintenance efficiency and ergonomic / interactive design, plus the CASE ProCare warranty program,orleans infrared heater for sale the entire product lineup has a predictable ultra-low total cost of ownership and excellent productivity. Case G series wheel loaders also offer a variety of bucket and connecting rod options, according to the specific application of various sections of equipment optimization. The connecting rod options include Z-bar (optimum digging force and normal operation), XR (larger coverage) and XT (tool bracket / parallel lift configuration, which optimally handles stack / tray items). Each loader comes standard with a four-speed PowerShift transmission, and the 721G, 821G and 921G models are also available with a five-speed transmission with a locked torque converter for speeds up to 25 mph / 40 km / Hour (KPH).

    Each loader has a variety of tire and axle options, according to the work environment to choose. The 521G to 821G models feature a standard limited slip differential that provides equivalent torque on both sides of the axle and automatically provides additional torque to the captive tires. The 921G to 1121G models feature heavy-duty axles with open differentials, making them ideal for hardened ground or paved ground,how to repair cracks in asphalt especially when using solid tires. Each model can be equipped with automatic locking front wheel differential heavy axle, this axle is also very suitable for hard ground with solid tires, depending on the specific circumstances, can be 100% of the front axle Traction to the grip wheel.