in a furniture building materials

  • for the healthy development of the flooring industry set off a green wind. At the end of the year at the end of the year, many businesses began to greatly discount the card, like the last moment in the dog years and then "Wang" a. Clearance, rejection of goods, and even to send gifts, the business performance of the excellent promotional tricks.

    Faced with such a discount, consumers can not help but heart up. However, the reporter found in the field after the interview, the so-called discount is more to attract customers under the guise of. In this regard, the experts suggested that consumers, in the face of building materials discount promotions, we must leave a mind.

    Fan Hui: trouble more affordable less Yuquan camp in a furniture building materials city, the reporter learned that the store is holding the ticket activities. Reporters near the front desk to see the consumption of 10,000 yuan back to 100 yuan coupons. Among them, 50 yuan for the A coupons, 50 yuan for the B coupons.

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