Construction Process and Quality Control Measures of Bridge Exp

  • In front of the modern highway maintenance of the new technology and the corresponding basic requirements of the road maintenance machinery, it is clear that China's current status of road maintenance machinery is very large gap between the status quo. China's road maintenance machinery manufacturing plant,road maintenance machinery imports there is indeed a considerable number of plant development capacity is weak, but since the 90s of last century this situation has been greatly improved. Maintenance machinery market increasingly standardized, attracting a large number of foreign manufacturers of competition. Therefore, it can be expected, as long as the road machinery development in the real increase in technology investment, in particular, to strengthen the development of early in-depth argument, rather than quick success, without thinking to copy.

    Innovation is certainly not an empty talk. High-tech injection of traditional mechanical products is one of the most direct innovation. For example, the road machinery mentioned above, several times mentioned in the quality of the problem are related to the continuous measurement of materials, because many road maintenance machinery are continuous operation, certainly not with the machine industry familiar with the intermittent measurement method, determined to master the continuous measurement And the use of control technology to these road maintenance machinery, so that they improve the grade to meet the needs of a high level of road maintenance operations,Bordeaux Trailer Asphalt Heater is not technically innovative? Therefore, innovation is not plagiarism, nor is it unrealistic decoration facade, but the use of high-tech to solve our road maintenance machinery in the development of practical problems.

    Maintenance of road machinery technology to rely on technological innovation, there is no advanced road maintenance machinery, the use of advanced technology and new technology for road maintenance project is empty talk. In this paper, special mention in the highway maintenance of asphalt regeneration technology and asphalt recycling equipment and other issues, and how to speed up the development of road maintenance machinery put forward some views. Most of the text involved in the work of the author encountered or need to solve the problem, some are sentiment,common road construction emergency equipment prices and some are already doing. Is willing to work with road maintenance workers and road maintenance machinery manufacturers to promote the technological progress of China's road.