Elastic exterior latex paint

  • With the development of industry, some areas of our country have become acid rain-prone areas, the external appearance of the building and the impact of life expectancy. It is reported that the patented wood plastic composite decking courses invention of the company's patented invention of a sun-resistant elastic external emulsion paint the weight percentage of each component, the resin, additives and other raw materials to improve the ratio.

    Patented products can be outdoor deck flooriing reduced due to acid rain, concrete wall cracking and other factors on the external walls of the building damage, very practical significance. Suitable for all kinds of building painting needs, at present, Jialishi exterior latex paint has been widely used in government buildings

    commercial housing, residential, urban landmarks and other construction projects, beautify the city. As a high-end paint brand, Jialishi product line, including interior decorative pvc panels and exterior latex paint, floor paint, real stone paint, fluorocarbon paint, wood paint, waterproof paint, Wan Nengjiao, covering the wall decoration materials, environmental products, Construction workers will not cause harm, but also to make the building, wood has long been new. The future, not stop the pace of innovation, research and development, production and sales of Outdoor Waterproof Floor - Shanghai Seven Trustmore environmentally friendly wall painting products and efforts.