Wood-plastic plank road for the scenic or park to bring new vit

  • Leisure time, some parks are a good place for people to leisure time, personalized garden design to give visitors a better mood of the park, the choice of environmentally friendly low-carbon wood laying the park, but also give visitors a beautiful feeling close to nature.

    Park to give visitors a panoramic view to provide a new hydrophilic platform, the use of new plastic-wood materials to build garden facilities, corridor wood plank road and the floor is completed, you can fully enhance the scenic or park grade and taste.

    Many scenic spots or parks in the past is the use of steel pipe fence and solid wood construction, due to the use of corrosion for a long time serious, fixed wood solid wood base have different degrees of decay, to the majority of tourists friends bring some insecurity, and with antique The landscape is very uncoordinated. Construction of strong procurement of low-carbon green wood for landscape transformation and renovation of facilities, after the transformation of plastic wood plank and plastic floor, will be a new look to meet every visitor friends.

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