target with camphorwood

  • It is research target with camphorwood, evaporate of steam of breakthrough sawn timber handles an able dry and quality control technology; It is research target with prefab stairs for outdoors deal, fir, green of high temperature of breakthrough sawn timber is energy-saving and dry technology; With eucalyptus wood, Yang Mu veneer is research target, breakthrough veneer solar energy works beforehand in coordination dry technology, begin veneer solar energy to work to be produced in coordination beforehand set an example.

    2 be in be aimed at a guideline " lumber machines efficiency loss of low, material is high " technical difficult problem, the key begins Mumenmen to cover component abnormity joining high quality discount composite fencing materials together and wood to curve component buckling to shape technical research. Through adornment of wood abnormity joining together,

    model radical Bao Mu makes equipment, fiber enhance a layer to accumulate component of different agglutination wood to make, real wood buckling and finalize the design the research that waits slip decking wood dock how to for a technology, managing lumber resource, raise lumber utilization rate, reduce treatment specific power consumption, reduce treatment lave.