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  • knowledge, interested can look at. First, the characteristics and scope of the application of concrete external hanging board, is the use of reverse molding process with a decorative surface layer of reinforced concrete external wall panels. The industrial production in the factory has the characteristics of fast construction speed, good quality and low maintenance cost. According to the need of the project can be designed into a set decoration, thermal insulation, wall in one of the composite insulation wall panels,

    can also be used as decorative composite wall hanging plate. Concrete hanging board can fully reflect the unique performance of large public buildings exterior walls. Two, technical performance indicators and the implementation of the standard performance of heat preservation of ordinary concrete sandwiched between 50 ~ 80mm polystyrene board, the heat transfer coefficient is less than 0.60W/ (M2? K), better meet the "civil building energy efficiency design standards". 2 structural performance to meet GB50010

    "code for design of concrete structures" and GB50204 "code for acceptance of construction quality of concrete structures". 3 decorative performance in line with GB50210 "building decoration engineering quality acceptance specification". 4 the seismic performance of the concrete face slab and the main structure are connected by flexible joints, which is suitable for the application of the seismic performance of the structure in the area of seismic fortification intensity of 8 degrees. 5 product specifications to

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