build waterproof green

  • Biological concrete to build waterproof green building facade in the use of this bio-concrete construction of the building wall to grow moss and lichen. This bio-concrete has many advantages: both to absorb carbon upm profi decking price comparison dioxide, but also beautify the wall, but also improve the insulation of the building. Scientists use two kinds of cement as raw material to develop this new type of bio-concrete.

    One material was developed using a common portland cement with a pH of about 8; another material was developed using magnesium phosphate cement without any treatment to reduce its pH because the material was weakly acidic. Magnesium phosphate cement timber deck chair importer into australia with quick-drying, will not pose any harm to the environment. The novelty of this bio-concrete is that it provides a natural biological barrier for micro-algae, fungi, lichens and mosses.

    After applying for a patent for a new invention, the scientist's goal now is to accelerate the growth rate of the plant in this bio-concrete and shorten its growth period to a year so that the facade of panel cladding system the building can show a different appearance.

    In addition to pH, scientists have adjusted other properties of this bio-concrete, such as porosity and surface roughness. This bio-concrete has a multi-layer structure. The second layer is the biological layer, can collect rainwater for plant growth; the third layer is the cover layer, can let the rain through this layer into the bio-layer, and the first layer is Best Outdoor Patio Decking Product the waterproof layer, can prevent the infiltration of water into the building structure damage; Can prevent water loss.