Summary of the use of concrete mixer

  • This product has high efficiency, low energy consumption, less pollution, easy operation and so on. Integrated asphalt mixture heating, insulation, transportation, emulsified asphalt spray, asphalt pavement heating, recycling and many other functions. Can be a one-time completion of China's high-grade highways,Design Of Stone Buildings airport runways, municipal roads and other asphalt pavement of various diseases quickly repair operations. The recycling rate of waste asphalt mixture treated by the product is up to 90%, and the energy efficiency of the heating device is over 75%.

    The hydraulic control of the pavement heating device with lift, traverse and rotation function adopts the international advanced blue heat radiation heating technology, the partition heating function to meet the needs of different road surface heating area, compared with similar products with higher energy efficiency ,Points To Note Classic Asphalt Paving The maximum protection of asphalt asphalt mixture is not aging, not charred. The insulation box adopts the district infrared heating technology, only 4-5 hours can be heated to 140 ℃ -160 ℃ cold, integrated intelligent control of heating temperature, to ensure that the asphalt mixture set ratio is not destroyed.

    Box sandwich with 1800 ℃ high temperature aluminum silicate material for insulation, the maximum to prevent heat loss. The machine adopts modular integrated design, can be added according to the actual needs of crusher, compactor and other auxiliary construction equipment. Chassis with hydraulic external interface, you can connect some hydraulic power tools. The use of pressure to spray the old material on the road recycling additives,Stone Cutting Machine Operating Skills and comes with pipeline cleaning and hose within the remaining material automatic recovery function. Anti-freeze gas tank gasification insulation device to ensure the construction of the northern cold areas feasibility.