Building a Backyard Deck

  • Deck rails include top and bottom rails, side rails may also have protruding columns, railings and handrails. They have a variety of styles, can be made of different materials, including iron, aluminum, natural wood, wood composite materials and transparent glass. They are easy to come by, but believe it or not, you can make yourself a deck railing. How are you? Here is how: Get rid of being connected to the deck, you will find the joist is the outermost part of any material or wood flooring. Use 2 x 6 inch wood to create the upper rail and attach it temporarily to the deck by using a screwdriver and a galvanized screw. The use of electric drill, each spindle two holes. A hole must be drilled about 1 / 2 inches from the deck of the foundation. Another hole should be 1? From the top and outside the decks. These holes must be smaller than the carriage bolts. For strength and robustness, the main shaft is bolted to the position with a bracket bolt. Cut 2 x 4 inch wood with saws to the right length so that the spindle. Make sure they are of the same length as any error will be obvious. Connect to each spindle with a screwdriver and a galvanized screw. Tighten the handrail to deck at this stage. Screw bottom by raising railing. Use a knife to pry the varnish stain tank. Take a brush and dip it in a little bit. Paint the rails with a horizontal stroke brush until the main rail is completed.

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