Raw material basic situation

  • According to the influence of different gradation on the performance of asphalt mixture, the volume parameters and Marshall stability test results of three kinds of graded asphalt crushed stone mixtures were studied. According to the AM-20 Marshall design requirements and the "Asphalt Pavement Construction Technical Code" JTG F40-2004 hot mix asphalt mixture design method to determine the best asphalt ratio, and the best asphalt ratio The volume parameters and stability of the specimen were tested. In this study, the optimum gradation ratio of AM-20 is determined by the relationship between physical and mechanical parameters and the ratio of Whetstone. The bulk density of the specimen was measured by wax seal method. The effective relative density of the graded mineral aggregate mixture was measured according to the asphalt impregnation method and the maximum theoretical relative density of the asphalt mixture was calculated. The volume parameters of Mascus specimen and the results of Marshall test. The experimental results show that the effect of visible gradation is obvious. With the gradation gradation, the porosity is smaller. Asphalt mixture water damage damage capacity is mainly determined by the nature of the mineral, asphalt and mineral interaction between the asphalt mixture and the porosity of the thickness of the asphalt film. Asphalt mixture water stability evaluation method, usually divided into the evaluation of asphalt and mineral aggregate adhesion and evaluation of asphalt mixture of water stability in two stages, the two stages are indivisible as a whole. Road Sealing Machine - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery concrete surface grinder rental home depot variable message board hire Manchester provides a Road Roller Training course