half-inch wood

  • The whole roof construction process without the use of half-inch wood, do not consume any forest resources, built-in special steel structure can also be anti-lightning, anti-6 earthquake, anti-snake mosquito, environmental outdoor plastic wall cladding over wood protection, never need to be replaced. Compared with the traditional wooden structure roof, this environmentally friendly roof cost is lower, can save more than 50%, with good social and economic benefits.

    In the Shuangdian village construction site, the reporter saw a piece of concrete prefabricated pieces were quickly lifted to the roof, only half a day, several workers will complete a construction vinyl supply%27s in los angeles area fence area of ??about 140 square meters of roof installation work, than the traditional wood structure The construction method saves several times the time. Jingzhou City is located in the Yangtze River Basin impact of the plains, trees are fast growing poplar, wood fragile, made of the roof often leak to repair.

    Well now, with a green roof, safe and practical, but also once and for all. "In the city, the roof of the basic use of cheap vinyl privacy fence concrete casting technology, rural roof why not use this process? Wang Wusheng introduction, concrete pouring roof process is not suitable for rural areas, a result of housing construction area is small, scale benefits are limited; , The casting process has doubled the cost of building labor (up to 400 yuan per square meter), farmers are reluctant to use. While the green roof in addition to more Best Outdoor Patio Decking Product economical than the cast-in-place process, the insulation effect and shock function is more suitable for rural areas.