wooden floor market

  • In addition to the southeast Asia materials rise in price covered patio decks fence , another type of imported wood floor - fuzhou South American wood sound is also rising, however, compared with southeast Asia material gains will be smaller, basic in 10 yuan, such as fuzhou market quite common longfeng tan, from Brazil decking fencing materials for sale , early march its unit price in 205 yuan, is now up to 215 yuan/square meters.

    Reason: affected by oil prices and local policy on wooden floor market continue to rise, fuzhou is a famous wood products co., LTD., general manager of Chen Dongxing believes that causes mainly two aspects wood plastic composite extrusion fence products : the first is the international crude oil prices, our province of timber imports by shipping ways,

    because since march the international crude oil prices continue to rise, the rising cost of transportation directly lead to fuzhou wood prices discount pedestrian road fencing , this is also the prices of the main causes of wooden floor; Followed by the influence of local policy, with dwindling resources,