honored guest interview

  • Link of honored guest interview, invite arrival to become collect of material, bamboo to become door of timber production business and furniture, floor, wood to create the bibcock cheapest outside floor price company that waits for a domain from collect, innovation of the cooperation that swims up and down with respect to catenary of compositive lumber industry, application is communicative experience;

    Come from Shandong home assist, full continent in the experts of the leader of local government and scientific research, college, give aid to from policy, the technology grooms, how to build a patio deck over concrete talent education, quality inspection, metric system is decided wait for the level, for our country development of compositive lumber industry goes seek make suggestions, provide all-around service and technical support.

    Delegate attending the meeting saw commercial stair treads company of the power company of Yantai, Bo Haiwei Ma, and the Qingdao that drive car saw come first on the list of compositive lumber industry 3 hours spring happy hardwood creates limited company, witnessed what the cheap composite fencing melbourne compositive material treatment of banner level equips to move reach remove dust, flotsam controls a system.