Not to give up the cheap after-sales

  • how should we choose? Solution: Strengthen the wood flooring market is now more chaotic, the price of 50 yuan to 300 yuan between. But the quality is very different, while the wood floor is semi-finished products, after-sales is also very important. See the brand. Brand is the market and the strength of the factory witness;

    2 certification. The authority of the state authorities also explain the problem, but to the real certificate, rather than counterfeiting; Clear, realistic, natural, simple, rustic, and can not be novel and impractical; With a sandpaper for destructive experiments; 5. Size. Put together a few boards, take a look at the size of the seams and high and low formation;

    6. Substrate color. Pine and poplar of the true color as well, dark for the times; 7. Installation. There are regular installation team; 8. Accessories. Price and environmental quality; Not to give up the cheap after-sales service, it is best to have 800 calls directly connected to the Department; Less than 90 yuan plate as far as possible not to consider,

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