the wood flooring industry

  • It is based on this contribution,Wood Plastic Flooring For Kids Play Area so the industry association will grant us this honor. Just said this title also bear some responsibility, what is our goal this year? How can this responsibility carry forward? We also have a five-year plan, summed up in one sentence,[url= ]Affordable Wood Plastic Patio Decking[/url] we hope to become the leader in the wood flooring industry, we are now moving towards this goal. Nearly three years of our marketing work is the most important focus is to expand the channel and brand influence to enhance,

    as we participate in the exhibition today, investment is so great, but also hope to establish a benchmark for the industry. I believe that this time,[url=]fencing from 84 lumber[/url] there are enterprises responsible for the enterprise should provoke the burden, we are on the industry long-term, sustainable development is very optimistic. I believe that after this round, the idea of ??the enterprise must be stronger and stronger.This year, real estate control policy hit again, in this context you feel the home industry to how to? I often said in the media that the long term is good. We have a hundred years of brand planning,what is the best composite decking for boat docks short-term regulation intensified the integration of the industry, I think this is a good thing.

    We hope that this round of integration among the long Sheng floor can stand out. This year the country will have to build a large number of affordable housing or affordable housing,[url=]patio flooring supplier price in caceres[/url] the downstream industry should be a good phenomenon, long Sheng whether there are some corresponding measures? In 2009, our channel policy made a major adjustment, to the depth of development, to the three or four cities advance, the current strategy is just to meet the status quo. This round of regulation of the affected first-tier cities and some of the second-tier cities, three or four lines of the city's demand is very strong.tongue and groove porch decking material 315 feedback from the situation is also the case, three, four lines of urban sales are very popular.