Quick Judgment Method of Asphalt Mixture Mineral Powder Quality

  • Speaking of summer flood control, we first thought is the problem of highway water damage. The impact of rainwater erosion on roadbeds and slopes is huge, so how to control water damage becomes a top priority for summer conservation. In the daily highway maintenance work, we must first do the job is to find the problem. In the rainy season before the arrival of the flood season, should actively find the problem and solve the problem, without leaving any hidden dangers, so as to be in the flood season when the real face of calmly. In the daily inspection, should pay attention to observe the highway pavement diseases, structures, slopes and a variety of drainage systems, the timely detection of hidden dangers to ease the main, timely removal of clogging, dredge a variety of drainage systems, reinforcement and improvement along the line Drains, water blocks, and to ensure its smooth, so that the rainy season of drainage. Asphalt pavement engineering there are many problems, the following common. Construction season is unreasonable, the construction process encountered rain weather, road wet material bonding degree is not good. Winter construction temperature will be low, asphalt mixture surface temperature is rapidly reduced. Asphalt mixture in addition to the surface of the relative temperature of the relative reduction rate of slow, in the compaction process, the middle or bottom of the asphalt mixture will produce different degrees of displacement, and the surface will be because of low temperature cracks. Road Sealing Machine - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery easy filling and sealing machine sealant for cracks in asphalt domestic quality maintenance machinery