promoted is countrywide

  • Up to now, appropriate is promoted is countrywide key produces one of town of bamboo base county, bamboo goods is characteristic export goods, sell as far as to the 20 many countries such as Europe, America and area. Advance smoothly what declare the job this, will promote zoology economy and appropriate to promote bamboo composite outdoor furniture in Ecuador goods to export an industry to produce far-reaching effect to appropriate.

    2016 3 quarters, black river examines quarantine bureau examines in all entrance wood 11 batch, 647.61 tons, goods total value two hundred and forty thousand six hundred dollar, grow 37.5% wood deck tiles over grass respectively compared to the same period, 63.82% , 73.47% ; Quarantine exports one-time wood 5 batch, weight 12.91 tons, goods is worth seventeen thousand four hundred dollar, grow 97.7% respectively compared to the same period, 17.57% .

    Entrance wood basically comes back to make deck materials composite anti slip toothpick use cut wood of birch veneer He Hua to make semifinished product of one-time wood chopsticks, belong to supplied materials and into makings treatment product, after finished product toothpick and chopstick wpc access path manila are via fine treatment after needing to enter a country, be opposite the national export such as Euramerican, day, Han.