both sides feel great harvest

  • 93.57% of the enterprises that will continue to participate in the next show. One of the highlights of the industry was the "Technical Seminar", which held a total of six technical exchanges during the 9th exhibition. The speakers were from Ni?as Petroleum (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Eastman Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinsen Petroleum Resin Co., Ltd.,

    Germany Wacker Chemical Company and Germany Rheinland Chemical Levin Co., Ltd. of the six technical staff; exhibition display coupled with technical exchanges, both to expand the market visibility of the enterprise, but also to promote the company's latest technology and products, At the same time to the audience to provide the most direct market information,

    the use of close communication, so that both sides feel great harvest. Excellent publicity reports also make the show a lot of color. From 2005 onwards, the organizers of the exhibition will arrange on-site network service area, for exhibitors and visitors to provide free Internet service, while the exhibition network live,

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