High Temperature Nano Ceramics

  • Technology Energy-saving pot is able to achieve energy saving, the key is in the bottom of the pot smear a layer of RSI high temperature nano ceramic coating. RSI high temperature nano ceramic coating price composite wood deals for petroleum, petrochemical, power, metallurgy, building materials and other industries of industrial boilers and kilns of high temperature heating metal and non-metallic surface, including electric heating elements, anti-stain slagging, high temperature corrosion

    Anti-oxidation, wear resistance, and comprehensively enhance the safety and economy of industrial boilers and kilns, and effectively reduce the outdoor decking philippines emissions of harmful gases NOx. It is reported and improved fuel adaptability, improve production capacity, enhance the safety of furnace operation, extend equipment life. High temperature nano ceramic coating has been in the oil, petrochemical

    power, steel and glass industries have been successfully applied for the critical period of China's energy is well prepared. It is understood that the representative of the high-temperature nano-ceramic coating technology nearly two decades from the aerospace to industrial applications

    and gradually become the mainstplastic sheeting for under deck ream technology in this area will be high-temperature ceramic coating technology in a strategic position. In order to overcome this technology in our application of the blank, the international professional and technical team, based on the international advanced aerospace technology, combined with industrial applications, through two generations of scientific and technological personnel of the Outdoor Decking Product - Shanhai Seven Trusttwo decades of hard work, the successful development of high temperature Nano-ceramic coating products and to achieve a large-scale industrial applications.