Cause Analysis and Treatment of Cracks in Semi - rigid Base Asp

  • Dry shrinkage and temperature shrinkage cracks, semi-rigid base has its own difficult to overcome the shortcomings and deficiencies. When there is such a transverse crack in the base layer, the tensile stress acting on the bottom surface of the asphalt surface layer exceeds the tensile strength of the material and cracks the surface of the surface layer, and the crack gradually extends upward until it penetrates the surface layer and reflects to the surface , Forming a reflective layer of the surface layer. Semi-rigid base cracks are generally more regular, at a certain distance to produce a crack, the length of the distance depends on the local temperature and pavement material crack resistance. Short distance of 5 ~ 10m together, the distance of up to 100m or longer. The general temperature change is not big, the road material crack resistance is good, the water stability of the grassroots level of good quality of the gap between the longer, and vice versa shorter. Another situation is common in our province highway, because the grassroots level is not done, the intensity is insufficient, leading to serious fatigue damage (crack) Solvent-based modified asphalt, is added in the ordinary asphalt modified SBR modified agent, at room temperature with mobility (without heating when construction), with good low temperature stability and permeability, the advantages of this method Is the device is relatively simple, each device can be completed every day 800-1000m irrigation joints, irrigation joints better, the service life is generally 3-5 years. The disadvantage is that the material is more expensive, about 8000-10000 yuan / t, Road Sealing Machine - Road Machinery Equipment Manufacturers - Doan Machinery semi truck roadside assistance modular home distributors road milling machine rent