trouble and the enterprise

  • Next, pluvial lake group will be relatively serious to fire hidden trouble and the enterprise that fire hidden trouble rectifies and reform not do one's best, submit tologin or register to post comments on garage doors district government undertakes centralized closing stopping, form the high-pressured state that centers unit of area fire hidden trouble to rectify and reform to lumber treatment, treatment of thoroughly cleared lumber centers area fire hidden trouble, strive to take the lead in in complete province close a case picks a brand.

    1-8 month is full 2016 continent in examine quarantine bureau examines log of Yang Mu of quarantine entrance Russia 1829 batches, 134 thousand stere, grow 37% compared to the same much is siding for a 2000 sq ft house Make full continent in the texture of port entrance lumber is more rich.

    Full continent in lumber of railroad port entrance is given priority to with needle leaf material all the time (occupy entrance lumber 90% ) , only a few broad Xie Cai,rustic fence panels Mauritius broad Xie Cai is given priority to with birch again. Since this year, full continent in log number of feed inlet measures the Yang Mu of railroad port to grow considerably, main reason is cheap of price of qualitative actor of Russia Yang Mu, volume recovery is fast.