High density polyethylene self

  • The product is a polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane, modified by high-density polyethylene film, polymer self-adhesive layer and polymer elastic coating composition. The high boards for porch ceiling density polyethylene, the self-adhesive layer of the polymer is an ultra-narrow molecular weight distribution elastomer, and the polymer elastic coating is modified with self-crosslinking acrylic elastic emulsion as the base material.

    The coil has a unique pre-shop anti-stick effect, can effectively prevent the membrane waterproof layer and the post-pouring structure between the channeling water hidden. The company designed its performance weathering properties wpc own high-density polyethylene self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane production line, using continuous multi-layer composite process, advanced technology, with mass production conditions.

    The coil for all types of underground waterproofing works, the use of self-adhesive lap, construction wood composite paneling manufacturer convenience, energy saving and environmental protection, economic security. The use of engineering, waterproof effect is good.The results in the material research, production and construction technology in the leading domestic, innovative, the overall technology reached the international advanced level, with the promotion Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust and application value, agreed to through the assessment.