Asparagus Polyurethane

  • Coatings The project reported a new structure of polyaspartic acid ester, 100% solids content of aliphatic polyurea resin, the viscosity is low, only 1000-1500mpa. Can be made of solvent-free paint or hardwood flooring deals high solid paint, the construction process can be zero VOC or very low VOC emissions, in line with the current trend of green. The resin and the appropriate curing agent with the room temperature can be cured, made of polymer coating not only has excellent mechanical properties, as well as excellent weather resistance (UV accelerated aging test up to 4000 hours, much more than the traditional PU Paint

    through the decade does not yellowing detection), super wear resistance. The coating made from it is the preferred coating for high-speed railway waterproofing. It has wide application prospect in composite decking pittsburgh pa wind power blade coating, automobile coating, wood coating, heavy anticorrosive coating, ship coating, floor coating and exterior paint. The production of polyaspartic acid ester resin into a variety of coatings

    will change the pattern of China's traditional coatings industry, green, high-performance, high weathering aspartic polyurethane coating in the foreseeable future, will fully replace the current composite decking blue grey colour solvent Acrylic polyurethane, fluorocarbon coating, epoxy coating, not only the quality of the coating effect has been greatly improved

    and each year can reduce the traditional coating construction process to bring millions of tons of organic solvent emissions, saving valuable oil resources. So its energy-saving emission reduction, as well as high-end manufacturing, military and national key Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust projects have very important significance, so as to lay a solid foundation for China's manufacturing industry sustainable development.