cork flooring good flame

  • excellent flame retardancy cork flooring good flame retardant cheap privacy fencing alternatives pics , flame height class 40 mm (standard height 159 mm) fire protection class for class B, is better than that of wood. 5, non-absorbent, moisture-proof cork bibulous rate is almost zero, the same as the wine bottle cork material, cork floor has many characteristics plastic composite floor decking , such as moisture is out of shape not easily.

    good anti-pollution performance in addition to the toluene, acetone, the rest of the more than 30 kinds of chemical reagents and 10 kinds of life can not influence the liquid on the plate 51 fence anti shock designs . 7, insulation, anti-static cork is a very good insulation, especially suitable for electronic instruments is numerous, need anti-static place.

    DE family sandwich & # 8482; Cork out of quercus variabilis, reasonable stripping, the trees would not be any damage, cork from nature, non-toxic harmless in itself outdoor wood deck cheap for sale , making use of adhesive do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, accord with environmental protection requirement, cork is the real green environmental protection material.