dominant industry of solemn

  • Ligneous household industry is the dominant industry of solemn arris city, number of company of estate of timber of solemn arris city amounts to more than 300. The forest natural waterproof panels for boats resources that solemn arris city relies on condition inside and outside to abound and border peaceful the advantage of fragrance river port, to in the advance with big strides of group of wooden household industry with the greatest Russia.

    Forest exhibit general manager to represent speech of middle forest group in forum, point out, bilateral collaboration is given priority to with forest products, adopt first easy hind insulated building panels ebay hard way, it is breach with forest products commerce, stress very bilateral cooperation germinant, drive both sides to be in then of forest products respect all-around collaboration, realize mutual benefit wood composite pergola canada win-win.

    Make new model of collaboration of politics look forward to hard, aid push Mu Leng to develop economic great progress, quickly. Resource conformity mixes industry of dominant of wood plastic product for railing forest of city of implementation Mu Leng to be used integratedly, to Gao Jingduan way develops, those who make the throughout the country's biggest wood household.