Comprehensively strengthen the spring road maintenance and road

  • Recently, the Provincial Highway Bureau to strengthen the road maintenance operations and construction site safety, to ensure that the public safe and convenient travel,excellent road potting machine for use combined with the actual work of the spring safety and road safety work to conduct a comprehensive arrangements for the deployment.

    1, the overall highway maintenance units to learn from the Xinjiang Aksu Highway Bureau Beach Branch workers in the conservation operations occurred when the vehicle from the accident lessons, in-depth safety production self-examination and self-correction,Dust Blower to ensure safe and orderly maintenance operations.

    2, combined with the current extreme weather and the characteristics of the Spring Festival traffic volume, to a highly responsible attitude, pay close attention to the implementation of safety production responsibility, effective prevention and resolutely curb all kinds of safety accidents,to strengthen the road during the spring transport Pao Tong work, combined with the maintenance of road sections of the actual situation, do a good job in addition to snow and ice and emergency work, for the public safe and convenient travel to provide a good road traffic protection. At the same time, the provincial bureau in time set up by the competent leadership of the head, safety supervision,compacted concrete custody and other departments to participate in the safety inspection work leading group, respectively, the units of the safety of production and spring road insurance and other conditions to conduct a comprehensive inspection.