Marine marine coatings

  • Ship and large-scale marine engineering protective coatings and key technology research and development "key projects approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology by the expert group identified the project to improve the marine marine paint environmental protection, energy efficiency, durability, and broke China's more than 400 billion ship Marine paint market vinyl membrane decking reviews core products have long been the situation of foreign monopoly for our ships to wear homemade "armor." The technology will be greatly reduced after the application of China's marine enterprises to reduce the cost of marine coatings.

    It is understood that the ship sailing in the sea, Marine microbes will continue to attach to the surface of the hull, the sea will continue to erode the hull, stands in the sea in the sea operating platform is also facing the same test.Therefore, to ship and marine engineering brushing protective coating has been to ensure the normal how to build long deck stair Iraq navigation and marine The project has been leapt to the world's largest market, the total market amounted to more than 400 billion yuan, but the core products have long been foreign monopoly. At present, the project has been developed.

    A new low-surface long-term anti-fouling paint with resin synthesis, nano-particle dispersion and modification, glass fiber reinforced and other key industries and technology, and successfully used in ships and large shed with roof top deck marine engineering coatings, the relevant research results for eight national invention Patent.

    The project review opinion shows that this project will be expected to make the city to become the international advanced state marine marine paint research and development and industrialization base, and may bring the city output value of 1 billion yuan, profits and taxes 300 million yuan of economic benefits It is understood that the project developed by the low surface of the anti - fouling paint resin, antifouling paint, ballast tank coating, marine heavy anti - corrosion coatingsengineered wood fence Africaand supporting application technology, through the international and domestic authority of the detection, access to the British labor The classification societies and the Norwegian International Classification Society international certification, and has begun in Dalian shipyard and other enterprises in the application.