No matter how the outside world

  • showing concern ,tolerant. But the old Yan behind the smile, more bitter and lonely. His comeback, does not mean that peer to accept him, consumers accept him. In fact, he has been farther and farther away from home in this industry. Wei Zhe: Ming sad hi hi July 2006, B & Q China president Wei Zhe announced that he will resign,

    causing the industry to its sigh. Wei Zhe in November 2006 formally joined the Internet group Alibaba as vice president. Wei Zhe said: I can not find the reason to leave B & Q, but can find a lot of reasons to join Alibaba. The analysis of the outside world, Wei Zhe left B & Q, on the one hand is not willing to see their own hand down the country to turn over;

    on the other hand is not with the headquarters, will face the right to cut. No matter how the outside world, one thing is certain, that is, Wei Zhe in the cause of the peak period from B & Q out of how much sad and darkly sad, but also can not hide their own investment in Alibaba, by the kind of joy The Business voice: Wei Zhe left to leave everyone is just a mystery,

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