Nature floor: Ask new opportunity, edify new thinking

  • A surname learns Bin president the preface that in agency of core of nature floor whole nation the conference in 2011 reports, cite Darwin takes alias word about species, “ can survive the species that come down, not be those are the strongest, also not be those are the cleverest, however those ” that make quick response to change, clarity points out this year floor and home reside those who taste the market to live environment and the state of mind that answer a Ying Bingchi.

    This the conference is norms be different from general, organization the congress with orderly neat and tidy, wonderful and rich content, also be grasp opportunity, adjust state of mind, straighten train of thought arouse meeting, more develop the new form, grand meeting that scores new gain. After this conference, nature person had cleared state of mind, mastered direction, got gist, nature admiral already reshipment sailing, begin add to write new brilliant!

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